Creative Industries

Creative industries, media, events and film want to understand audience numbers, customer satisfaction and relevance of 'event' across a suite of factors and measurement points. Customer share across growth, loyalty, experience and churn are large data sets to collate and analyse.

Through leveraging Artificial Intelligence, data is becoming better harnessed and providing more insightful output. AI is transforming how the sector can dynamically assess and segment its client base, respond, plan and improve event, relevance, and overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning has the power to be transformational, enabling creativity and empowering innovation by helping firms to better strategise, optimise, mitigate risk, reduce costs, drive efficiencies, future proof and gain their own competitive advantages.

These are a sample of just some use cases we have partnered on across the Creative Industries sector.

Churn - Predictive Analytics

AI modelled constant observation, learning, identifying patterns and trends in customer behaviour, helping forecast potential churn to drive proactive measures to retain customer segment.  

Cost to Serve - Dynamic Distribution

Driving a more advanced cost to serve analytical framework to assess the true cost of supply distribution vs segmented consumer demand, through pricing indices and elasticity modelling.

Creative-Churn_Cost to Serve
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