Professional Services

Professional services firms continually seek to provide new and expanded services at competitive costs to their clients and customers, ensuring they are satisfied with their return on investment.

Across advisory, consulting, business recovery, and audit services, there are always opportunities to enhance scale and provide a more efficient and effective service.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning has the power to be transformational, enabling creativity and empowering innovation by helping firms to better strategise, optimise, mitigate risk, reduce costs, drive efficiencies, future proof and gain their own competitive advantages.

These are a sample of just some use cases we have partnered on throughout the Professional Services sector.

PS-Cass Compliance
Assurance of Regulatory Compliance

Providing AI driven assurance assessments of compliance of FCA CASS rules. Instead of typical sample testing, AI is used to carry out assessments across entire datasets to ensure completeness of compliance at lighting speed, while also providing thematic advisory insight output

Collateral Optimisation

Asset Managers are leveraging AI to further optimise their rules based margin and collateral posting processes, driving enhanced optimisation capabilities, suggesting collateral optimisation transactions and / or rebalancing. AI is powering next level market solutions.

PS-Collateral Optimisation
PS-1LOD _Pre Trade Compliance

Pre-Trade Compliance

Trading desks using AI to enhance their pre trade compliance, monitoring, oversight and governance to ensure compliance and understand breaches. AI solutions used to demonstrate enhanced desk governance, oversight and process optimisation opportunity.

Post Trade Control and Oversight

1LOD functions enhanced their post trade compliance, reporting, regulatory control oversight and overall governance through an AI solution deployed to help broaden their lens of governance and oversight, enhancing the control framework and its operational effectiveness and further mitigating OR and regulatory alerts / events.

PS-1LOd_Post Trade Control Oversight
PS_Trade Lifecycle Optimisation
Trade Lifecycle Optimisation

With the backdrop of reducing settlement cycles (US markets T+1 compression) and the consolidated time processing windows, AI is being use to broaden and accelerate the insight into trade processing challenges throughout the trade lifecyle.

Compliance Monitoring

Conducting continuous on-going monitoring / reviews across the banks, businesses, divisions, departments systems and processes, to ensure ongoing compliance with the rules and regulations of the business, products, clients and  jurisdictions. AI is providing dynamic solutions, to monitor, be better informed and react to evolving requirements and datasets.

PS-Compliance Monitoring

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