Recruitment firms are literally a people business. Dependant on its resources to bring domain specialism and knowhow, to search for and find people for their clients. Its resource heavy and data dependant.

Scaling and operational costs impact the margins. Competitive recruitment fees are a large selling point to getting on client PSL's and to provide RPO services. Providing the ability to improve operational efficiency, whilst maintaining and improving services and quality are strong drivers and levers to improving market share.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning has the power to be transformational, enabling creativity and empowering innovation by helping firms to better strategise, optimise, mitigate risk, reduce costs, drive efficiencies, future proof and gain their own competitive advantages.

These are a sample of just some use cases we have partnered on throughout the Recruitment sector.

Scale and Efficiency

Using AI to improve and transform the current candidate databases through integration and acquisition, ensuring information dynamically evolves. Using ML to become more informed and NLP to drive improved matching. Providing scale and efficiency.

Predictive Analysis

Drawing upon their own data sets to develop improved insights and patterns. Use of monitoring and ML to build dynamic profiles of candidates and the clients. The use of predictive analytics is included to aid in the selection and matching suggestions, complementing the recruiters own technical skill sets.

AI Assistants

Providing AI assistants and chatbots enable firms to do more, faster and cheaper. Significantly speeding up operational workflow, analysis and insights of the requests, thematic requirements and candidate profiles.

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