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1) Use LLM to Understand Your Data
Use Machine Learning (ML) to understand what the data relates to and perform initial analysis, automatically solving for missing and / or corrupt data.

2) Generative AI - Suggest Use Case
Using Language Models to suggest multiple possible use cases.
You can either select one of the use cases suggested by Qvanita, modify, or enter your own.

3) Generative AI - Code Writer
Qvanita will generate your code and create the ML model for training.
Further, Qvanita will test and ensure code optimisation.

We have made it easy to create, deploy and manage your AI

4) Governance, Fully Explainable AI
Qvantia will produce all the documentation explaining how the code works, providing transparency, governance and AI risk management oversight.

5) AI / ML Model Training
Qvantia will train the model/s using your existing data, and / or the user can upload additional information.

6) Host and Deploy your new ML Model
Once the ML model is trained the user can then deploy the model and start using it straight away.

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